Thursday, June 1, 2017


By Dianne Boice

I’m 53-years-old and I had no idea that watching the first episode of Anne with an “E” on Netflix today would make me cry.  Deeply.  Thoroughly.

My name is Dianne.  I was raised in a large Catholic family and my parents originally named me after “Blessed Mother’s Mother”: Saint Anne.  I’m the fourth child and the only girl, a huge event after three boys.  My parents planned to have a dozen children. Instead, they had half-a-dozen. 

The story goes that my dad felt my name wasn’t just right. After a fitful attempt at sleeping, he got up in the middle of the night when I was a few days old to change my birth certificate. Anne became Dianne, back in the days when the certificate came home with the new baby. I clearly remember my history teacher in high school returning my graded exam to me loudly proclaiming “Dianne with two n’s!”

I grew up, got married, had a daughter and then a son. We read the Anne of Green Gables series out loud together. We watched the movie many times. Richard Farnsworth, the actor who played Matthew Cuthbert, was the best. He loved Anne so much, and his quiet acting made me cry every time. That elderly bachelor wanted Anne to be his daughter as soon as he saw her at the train station. Matthew even bought her a puffed sleeved dress. Matthew wanted her all along. He never did want a boy. 

(Watch this for a snippet of the movie.) 

Matthew’s love for Anne mirrors God’s love for all of us girls. We are all like Anne. We want to be loved. We want to be wanted, to belong, to be family. Even after we are adopted into God’s Kingdom, we long to be loved by our Heavenly Father here on earth. Deeply. Fully. Now.

Tears. Wonderful, cleansing tears cover this little girl in my 53-year-old body. I'm reminded that I am the apple of God’s eye and so are you. 

We are beautifully made, strong, smart and sometimes we talk too much. 

We have vivid imaginations. We love to laugh and be silly. Can you imagine how great it will be in heaven someday, resting in God’s arms, eating at His table? 

He loves us so much.I’m thankful we get a peek at God’s love through books, movies, dance, music, and art. While we are here on earth, our real home is in heaven. And remember, God wanted us all along.

“You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” –Psalm 139:14

(NOTE - After watching the first season of Anne with an “E” on Netflix, I don’t recommend it. The movie made in 1985 is far better. Call me old fashioned, it’s ok. Not everything needs updating.)

Dianne Boice is the proud mama of two adult children who live in L.A. and Africa.  After teaching elementary school art in the Denver area for 5½ years, she’s headed to Beijing to continue teaching little ones to be creative. With each passing day, this daughter of the King is growing her faith and laughter through mistakes and successes while loving others.

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  1. I cried that 1st episode too. I over all liked the series, but I definitely wouldn't recommend for children as they did sneak mature content into the stories. I totally didn't connect the show with God, thank you for that perspective.