Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Graceland: Living with an Endless Supply of Grace and Mercy

The used-to-be white converse comfiest shoes, are a little less white, and a good deal more beige, and stained from the summers’ escapades. They have been loyal little shoes, and I would highly recommend them to any potential buyers.I give them a hearty thumbs up!

The often repeated saying, “ walk a mile in my shoes,” has been said from my lips on numerous occasions, usually from under my breath, or along a string of non-repeatable cuss words, after a frustrating encounter with a fellow human, who has ticked me off, or hurt my feelings.

I am supposing that the real issue, when we say this, at least for me, is that I feel alone, or lonely in a given situation, and if I'm being entirely honest, I'm feeling sorry for myself. I think that “I”, and “ I alone,” am the only person in the history of man/womankind that has ever encountered the situation that I find myself, and well that is simply not correct. It's so interesting to me to realize that when I feel all by myself in a thing, whether or not this is true, the least little comment from someone, whether really hurtful, or not even intended, makes me want to curl up like a snail and crawl back into my shell.

When I feel hurt, I want to hide, to become a chameleon, and disappear into the backdrop of my life, and look like a piece of rock, or a leaf, or the wing of a bird, anything but myself.

To have to face my reflection looking back at me from the crystal clear of a mirror makes me feel naked and vulnerable, and I do not care for this. The spotlight is on me, but only in my own mind.

What if I don't want to walk anymore in my own shoes? What if your shoes look cuter, and less filled with sadness, and hurt? Can I borrow your carefree pumps or your designer shoes for a season?  They look far more elegant and put together. Even though they are hard to balance, they seem a great deal more preferable, then the TJ Maxx brand, stilettos that I'm presently sporting.

To look at another’s shoes, and to covet their wearability and beauty is never a good idea.  It's just plain and simply judgmental, and generally speaking, the shoes someone else is wearing may look like the right fit for you, but usually, they are carrying painful blisters and cuts that are a blight on their existence. Things I cannot see from just looking at the exterior facade of their shoes.

On a recent trip to Graceland, I discovered this very thing.

Recently, some good friends and I toured Elvis Presley’s mansion and Graceland. Elvis was an indomitable spirit. He came from very humble beginnings but grew into an almost force of nature in the musical talent department. He seemed to have it all. Rugged good looks, jet black hair, beautiful eyes, and cheekbones, and bone structure that would make Adonis blush!

His mansion was breathtaking, with a lush green pasture filled with horses, a swimming pool, meditation garden, musical studio, and plenty of toys to play with. Loads of classic cars, including his pink Cadillac. He owned private planes, naming one after his beloved, and only child, Lisa Marie.

He had promised his parents that he would create a wonderful home for them, where all their needs would be met, and they would be taken care of.

Not only did he succeed, he would change the face of rock and roll. With his swagger, and his dance moves, and charismatic spirit, and incredible vocals, he drove both men and women into a frenzy. Fans would scream, and cry, and be delirious with excitement and joy when he sang to them.

As I walked throughout his home, and the unique compound that he created, I was struck by the term “ Graceland.” It's a desired place to be living.

I had an epiphany. I too live in Graceland every day. 

I'm covered by a blanket of grace from the moment I wake up, until the second that my head touches the cotton softness of my pillow at night.

I am covered by the grace of Jesus every second of my life that He walks beside me, and is a  part of my life. What an extreme, and priceless gift that is.

I don't need to live in a mansion, have fancy cars, or things, don't get me wrong, these things are lovely, but “his grace is sufficient for me.”

I live in Graceland! I am loving this thought. It flows down over me, like a cascade of warm water from a waterfall, and it refreshes my spirit, every moment that I live and breath. And guess what? It's free.

It's just the best thing ever - this grace. Jesus gave it to me, and He will not take it away, not ever!

No matter what my days bring, and how many things rise up to crush me, He has an endless supply of his “grace and mercy,” and He lovingly bestows it on me, and you too.

                  "For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." 
                                                          - John 1:16

My life is filled with grace because of Jesus. And this makes my life so full and rich beyond any words that I could conjure up.

Welcome to Graceland. All are welcome. Thank you, Jesus, for that.

Jill is a mother of three, interior designer, writer of a blog, wedding planner, and daughter of the King. She is in between dwelling places and enjoys doing anything creative. Being on the water is her most favorite place. Her family is incredibly important to her, along with spending time with her girlfriends and going on adventures. She resides in Canada and the USA. 


  1. You walk in Grace and you wear beautiful shoes

  2. Jill, I am delighted to discover that you write so giftedly and poignantly. Some wonderful and thought provoking insights. From my vantage point I have always thought your shoes fit you perfectly. Please keep writing!