Thursday, October 8, 2015

Do You Really?

The most dangerous words in my life are “do you really…”

In the Bible, the serpent says it similarly to Eve: “Did God really say...”

I came home from the recent women's retreat to a longer list of to do's than when I left. I thought, “Great! I’ll start putting everything I learned at the retreat into practice right after I finish x, y, and z. Then I’ll really be ready!”

More often than not, the passion I gain during retreats and the plans for next steps lay dormant shortly after I get home. Why? The answer is in the phrase “do you really…”

It’s not because I think those next steps aren’t important. In fact, I think they’re vital. But I get distracted. After the retreat, I entered back into my world of chaos: back to work, to house projects, to my husband, to health problems, to exhaustion, and to everything else that goes along with my busy schedule. Life didn’t slow down while I was gone; in fact, it sped up.

The enemy is smart. If he wants to push me off course, all he has to do is make me forget what I learned and my intentions for change. A busy schedule is a perfect distraction, but not enough. He quietly and slyly attacks my heart with the smallest whisper. Just like Eve in the garden, he checks my understanding of God and my value. Instead of asking the question “did God really say…”, he’s asks me, “do you really... need to take those next steps?”

Do I really need to rest? Do I really need to make a change? Do I really need to face the burdens I’ve been carrying? I assess my life and see that I’m holding on fine and surviving well so if I keep things the same, things will be okay.

But is that the value I want for myself – fine, surviving, and okay?

No! God has much more in store for me, my family, and my life.
A queen won’t settle for fine.
A lover won’t focus on surviving.
A magi won’t enjoy being okay.
A warrior will fight for more.

I am Amber, a queen, lover, magi, warrior, and I will not settle for fine, surviving, and okay.

I will fight for better. I will fight for my joy, my peace, and my God given value.

“Do I really…”? YES! Absolutely I do!

Amber works for Summit Kids Ministry at Flatirons. She’s a newlywed who loves hiking and home décor.

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