Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brave Love

By Tracy Brown

Brave women are my heroes. They inspire me and spur me on to become more of who I was created to be. There are many brave women in this world and twice as many who are on the cusp of bravery.
We live in such an important time and I believe that it is in this very time we can and will change the shape of our world for the future generations. Women play a huge role in the quality of life on this earth, we are mothers, wives, friends, sisters, teachers, engineers, artists, writers, and so much more. But the way in which we were designed and created is truly something to stand in awe about. 

While women are often thought of as the nurturers of society, I think we are so much more.

But that nurturing part is the reason that so many are successful. The way a woman cares for herself and others IS why our children and those around us are thriving. It is only when that nurturing is shut down and reduced to something less than extraordinary that our culture starts to divide and sink into the dark places.
We must return to a place or rather come to a new place and a new understanding of the gift women offer and bring to this world. And we must be tireless in defense of such words as “emotional” or “needy” or my favorite “strong willed.” I say YES to these descriptions of women. These are foundational truths and wired into us from the Divine. These are not weaknesses, these are strengths. These very things empower those around me to run after their dreams and follow their hearts into places unknown and scary. These are the very traits that build up my family and my community and in no way are they weak.
Alexander Hamilton once said, "There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” And as a lover of God I live in a state of liberty, I experience freedom in such a way that allows me to come up to a place of authority and position where I can posture myself with open arms, unafraid of the “needs” or “hurts” or “wounds” around me. I can stand brave ready to embrace the broken because I too am broken but I have something they don’t in their moment of ache…I know that I am loved.

Isn’t this the essence of nurturing? To bravely love the crap out of someone.

God, the creator of everything knew how important this was, to love others with reckless abandon. He knew it was a NECESSITY of living so He built it into our society through the arms and hearts and minds and souls of women. This is powerful. This is so scary to the Enemy, Satan that he has relentlessly tried to belittle, berate and discourage this very special and purposeful piece of a woman. He has spent countless lifetimes shaming women and condemning them for their acts of love.
We can choose every day to be nurturing, loving, and brave. 

When you confront your life from the posture of a beloved daughter of the most-high God, designed and made for so much more than you have ever believed or known, you can go confidently into the world and bravely love the crap out of it.
Tracy grew up on the beach in Southern California but found her home in Colorado with her husband Matt and two daughters, Pepper Glory and Magnolia Jane. She is a hair dresser by trade and went to seminary….She also went to massage school for a while until she realized she had to massage dudes with back hair.